Pairings Menu

Come Hungry!

We have finalized our beer choices and our pairings will compliment each beer.  These pairings were each specially chosen to highlight the elements of each beer and enhance the flavor profile!


Boomtown Blonde

Boomtown Blonde will be paired with a homemade shrimp etoufee served in a buttery crust.  The slight kick of the rich etoufee will be softened by the butter crust and the sweetness in the beer will be enhanced by the rich etoufee .

Blue Testament

This light and rich pilsner will be paired with Texas Fish and Chips.  The hand battered light cod will be served with  sweet onion rings.  These two will pair perfectly once you follow it with the  traditional German flavors & the sweetness of Texas blue corn that make up the tastes of Blue Testament


This smooth yet full pale ale will be paired with light sausage, cheese and apple to bring a four pack of flavor. The sweetness of the apple and sharpness of aged cheddar will complement the 50 IBU of this flavorful beer

Conspiracy Theory IPA

This smooth IPA will be paired with a sweet and spicy thai chili chicken wing.  The Thai Chili Sauce is a homemade sauce with a sweet kick brightened with fresh cilantro and  lime.  The freshness and heat will pair perfectly with the hops in this full IPA.

Satyr's Swill

A meat pie is a meal in your hand, especially when inside that meat pie is a mix of smooth mashed potatoes, a rich beef braised in satyr's swill highlighted with garlic, onions and mushrooms.  The rich flavor of the Bock combined with the crust of the meat pie will enhance the experience.   

Buried Hatchet Stout

Finally... dessert is here.  You won't believe that this many flavors can come toghether in such a packed bite.  Brown sugar and praline encrusted bacon will be dipped in a rich chocolate.  The hints of creamy toffee and roasted malt will pair beautifully with this succulent dessert.